BIBLE Basics
Study 9: The Victory of Jesus
The Victory of Jesus | The Blood of Jesus | Offering For Us and Himself | Jesus as Our Representative | Jesus and the Law of Moses | The Sabbath Digressions (The Crucifix, Was Jesus Born on Dec. 25th?) | Questions

STUDY 9: Questions

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  1. Why was the death of Jesus, rather than of any other man, required for our salvation?

  2. Why were the animal sacrifices of the Law of Moses not sufficient to take away sin?

  3. Was Jesus our representative or our substitute when he died?

  4. Which of the following statements is true?
    Christ died instead of us dying
    Christ represented us, so God can forgive us for his sake
    Christ was like us but does not represent us
    Christ's death meant that God will no longer hold any human being guilty for sin.

  5. Did Jesus benefit from his own death?

  6. When Christ died on the cross, did he
    End the smaller commands of the Law of Moses but not the 10 commandments
    End all of the Law of Moses including the ten commandments
    End the Law of Moses except for the Jewish feasts
    Have no effect on the position of the Law of Moses?

  7. Should we keep the Sabbath now?

  8. Give reasons for your answer to question 7.