BIBLE Basics
Study 4: God and Death
The Nature of Man | The Soul | The Spirit | Death Is Unconsciousness | The Resurrection | The Judgment | The Place of Reward: Heaven or Earth? | Responsibility To God | Hell | Digressions (Purgatory, Ghosts And Reincarnation, With What Nature Are We Raised?, The "Rapture") | Questions

STUDY 4: Questions

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  1. What happens after death?
    The soul goes to Heaven
    We are unconscious
    The soul is stored somewhere until judgment
    Wicked souls go to hell and the good ones to Heaven.

  2. What is the soul?
    An immortal part of our being
    A word meaning 'body, person, creature'
    Exactly the same as the spirit
    Something which goes to Heaven or hell after death.

  3. What is the spirit of man?

  4. Briefly describe the nature of man.

  5. List two Bible verses which prove that death is a state of unconsciousness.

  6. What do you know about the judgment seat of Christ?

  7. Who will be resurrected and judged?

  8. What is hell?

  9. What is Gehenna?